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Coul Links
I just want to say how special a place "the Banks" (Coul Links) is and how incompatible it is with a golf course: It is better than any golf course: It is priceless in monetary terms. Planting a golf course on it would be the equivalent of painting a moustache and bra on the Mona Lisa. There are various interest groups this intrusion would be casting off: There would be no more reason to walk there in a golfer takeover. All I can do is boycott it and object. The Natural History should be there to read in these last unique places. Economic arguments= guesswork and fantasy: If you were to bet good money on the BIGGAR report being anywhere near accurate you would be insane. Without this monster, the economy would go in a different direction- a better one; and we would be all living in a nicer place in the world: The world doesn't stand still just because a rotten project gets thrown out! Don't build on our best asset but improve on the weaker bits: Coul is a strength! Golf is a tapped market: Put more sugar in a saturated solution, it doesn't become sweeter; it is a sign of a blinkered and mediocre train of thought: It will kill the popularity of golf! Say no to this vanity project and treasure the best thing we have.- Calling on you to see sense and change your minds- Andrew
Posted by Andrew Mackay on 16 May 2018
Public Toilets
Hi, My wife and I were visitors to the lovely town of Dornoch..had a walk round the town and popped in for a coffee at one of the local coffee shops, had a friendly chat with an elderly resident who lives in a house opposite the Jail, weather was fair,so all in all enjoyable day,UNTIL I visited the Gents toilet across the road from the Jail, the foul stench of urine was disgusting,I could not get out quick enough,seriously needs attention..there must be hundreds of visitors who experienced this,being such a popular stop over..We are Caravaners and have been all over Scotland and this has to have been one of the worst..really disappointed after admiring the tidy streets and gardens. So could you please address the matter for the future..Its a lovely town so it would be unfair to let this issue spoil the reputation.
Posted by Daniel Hanney on 03 November 2016

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